Over the last few years my interest in translating impression, feeling and light has resulted in a wide range of traditional and experimental paintings.

The predominating work at present is mixed media where the use of gesso has created a particular and distinctive style.  The paintings tend towards abstraction with a high degree of textural impressionism.

The use of vibrant colours, acrylic inks and fast execution adds to the immediacy of the work.

The same is also true when painting in oils where the use of a painting knife and the alla prima approach captures the moment.


I use mainly Arches 140lbs and 300lbs paper for the mixed media work with W&N watercolours and FW acrylic inks and for oils the W&N Artisan range.

The monotypes are individually produced by taking a single impression from a painting on plexiglass.


A variety of other artistic prints are also produced using the latest developments in ink jet or gicleť methods to enhance the variety of printing techniques.