News Release

May 2007

A Point In Time


A new exhibition at Sewerby Hall and features six of the most influential artists in the East Riding Association of professional members.

David Humphries, Rob Moore, Michael Mulkay, Helen Plaxton, Elaine Turnball and Barbara Wood will all be showing a range of their work

 in an exhibition entitled 'A Point In Time'.


 The paintings by David Humphries look at  waves from a new perspective.

In a series of large oil paintings he 'Looks Down' at the sea as the waves break over rocks and create rhythmic patterns.

 'Looks Up' at the sky as clouds detached from earthly links, swirl around.

'Look In' where the canvas has been opened to reveal the whirlpools using mixed media.

This painting also  serves as an introduction to three other mixed media paintings.

 The sea 'Breaking  Out' and the 'Surge' forward before the energy in the waves is finally dissipated.

'Wave Goodbye' is the inevitable end.



Further information on the David Humphries  contact or refer to Artist Notes