News Release

June 2004

Moving Paintings


Triptychs have been used for hundreds of years to provide a different perspective on paintings.

They can provide a panoramic view of a landscape, an  interpretation of an event, an alternative perspective of a scene.

These paintings can be viewed singularly or as a group but they are static. Today a new means of viewing them is available by incorporating them in a short film using the latest presentational techniques to provide a moving display by panning through the painting. In addition a soundtrack and titles and captions can add a deeper interpretation. 

Finally the triptych can be transferred to a DVD and viewed as a short film on normal television.

David Humphries has recently expanded triptychs to give an exciting display of these paintings in this form.

It opens up a whole new concept for artists to develop their work as series of paintings expanded and viewed as tri..quad..sept...or just multitychs.

Titles or captions can be collaged, music can augment the mood, colours can be adjusted electronically to achieve tonal quality and the finished work of art becomes a moving painting.




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