News Release

November 2006

Four Dimensions

'Wood on the Wolds'


 A new exhibition by four East Yorkshire Artists opens at the The Gallery in Bishop Wilton from the 13th- 19th November 2006.

The group known as the Four Dimensions present a range of artwork including sculpture, screen prints, painting and carvings.

This show brings them together for the first time where the theme will be 'Wood on the Wolds.'

Not that all the artwork will be wood.

David Athey will be exhibiting his metal sculptures of birds and beetles.

John Burrows will be showing his traditional screen prints.

David Humphries will be displaying his mixed media and oil paintings alongside some modern screen and wood impressions.

 Malcolm MacLachlan will be showing some new wood carvings and relief sculpture.

All are members of the East Riding Artists  (ERA) group.



Further information from the Artist

The Gallery, Bishop Wilton

Tel 01759 368 276

Opening Hours for the Exhibition

Monday - Friday 6pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am- 9pm