News Release

March 2006


Coastal Series

Black and White Photographs


J M W Turner sketched and painted a significant number of coastal scenes in England from 1792 - 1850.

Today his work still provides inspiration to artists with his impressionistic use of colour and the remembrance of the landscape of his time.


These photographs are part of a future exhibition of images of the British Isles that was started in 2001.

The complete series was originally planned to be completed in a year but it has already taken five years and it may take a little longer to finish.

It includes oil paintings, watercolours, mixed media, collages and sketches.

However, the additional time has allowed for stylistic changes with an increased richness of interpretation, as well as the sheer enjoyment of travelling around the coastline.


It was whilst using pen and ink for the initial sketches that it was decided to also produce a range of black and white digital photographs.

These can be considered not only as supplemental images but also as a tonal comparison for the associated paintings.

They can be accessed by clicking on the "place names" on the coastal map.

Coastal Map


The complete series will be exhibited in the future and it is hoped their sale will raise funds to help protect the coastline for future generations to enjoy.

If you are interested in receiving details when it is finally complete please email me below.




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