News Release

July 2008

Halfway round in the footsteps of Turner


An exhibition of selected paintings and photographs by David Humphries from his successful exhibition ‘Halfway Round’

will be shown at The Wolds Gallery in South Cave from the 4th – 27 July 2008.

  The show will feature several of the local East Yorkshire landmarks including the Spurn Peninsula, Flamborough, Staithes and Whitby

plus paintings from Land’s End to John o’Groats.


At the start of the new millennium, David Humphries began to think about painting the coastline again, revisiting some of the places that Turner painted but also going further and

 painting all the coastline.

 It started in 2003 and now 5 years later he is halfway round.


The paintings though are contemporary, textural impressionism using mixed media alongside collages and oils.

 Offsetting them is a series of black and white photographs with the emphasis of the textural quality of the shoreline.

 All the paintings were produced from sketches on location.


Turner used his imagination to add to the beauty of the composition. However, much remains the same, the sea, cliffs and surf breaking over rocks. Imagination and impressionism are clearly shown in these paintings, Flamborough for example, while the textural qualities of the rocks at Llangranog and the sea breaking over the rocks on Skye illustrate the beauty of black and white photographs.


A short book Halfway Round has been produced for the exhibition as well as series of limited edition gicleé prints of both the paintings and photographs.


David will be at the gallery on Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th July to receive friends and visitors and to talk about his work.



Further details on The Wolds Gallery: Richard Duncan, The Wolds Gallery South Cave HU15 2AS Tel 01430 471228

Further information on the David Humphries  contact or refer to Artist Notes