News Release

January 2005

Exhibition Sheffield


A new Art Gallery, Seasons Gallery opened officially on the 21st January 2005 and features as its opening artist the work of David Humphries.

The gallery and cafe as the name implies will be themed to the changing seasons and this first exhibition includes a number of his mixed media and oil paintings.

This includes several of his sun paintings bringing a welcome warmth to dark northern days, textural water paintings full of subtle colours and a large oil painting of a winters day.


All the paintings exhibit his stylistic approach and the use of mixed media to capture the immediacy of the moment.

The paintings of the stream are particularly stunning with a textural quality that has entrapped the fronds of grass drifting and swirling in the stream as it flows down the mountain side.

The exhibition lasts until mid February.




Further information on the David Humphries  contact or refer to Artist Notes