News Release

February 2004

Latest works by three inspirational painters


From the 27th February 2004 Reubens Gallery is to host the new collections from contemporary painters, Maggie Melechi, David Humphries and Nick Andrew.


Maggie Melechi already a known name on the Yorkshire art scene paints floral subjects  recognisable in origin. The focus of her work however is in the interpretation of her subject’s formal elements as much more fluid, abstract visions, which are evocative rather than realistic. Melechi’s stunning acrylics, roughly 1m square, have a strong vibrancy, enhanced by the use of a rich and varied palette of colours, which is bold and at the same time harmonious. And the layers she adds for richness, and to create a strong textural look heighten these works in a way that fixates and enraptures the viewer.

David Humphries is an artist currently making his mark on Yorkshire in response to a rewarding career managing a leading engineering company, during which he made time to travel throughout the world painting with many professional artists. In a three-dimensional perspective, his oils capture the colours of sky and landscapes in different seasons, in a way which is both evocative and enveloping, and invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty that surrounds us. Using a painting knife in a fast but expansive style Humphries captures the moment in a simple but impressionistic way with large areas of the sky contrasting with short textural strokes of colour in rhythmic patterns. David Humphries further explores the richness of the world we live in, in a series of mixed media studies also showing in this collection.

Many will be pleased to see Nick Andrews work return to Yorkshire following several Harrogate exhibitions of this well-established artist’s work in 2000/1. With a distinctly sweeping style, his latest works reminiscent of past collections seen in the county, allow a poignant insight into quiet, intimate and secluded places within the Wiltshire landscape he is passionate about day on day, season to season. Andrew’s acrylics, evoke a sense of quietness and ‘solitary involvement’ with river, forest and fields. His works are on canvas, board and paper.

 Over forty new works from these three inspirational artists will be on show and for sale. Until 10th April. Reubens Gallery, 83 Great George Street, Leeds. Tel: 0113 245 7771. Open: Tue – Fri 10.30am – 5pm, Sat 11am – 4pm.


Further information on the David Humphries  contact or refer to Artist Notes