News Release

December 2008

“Digital Art in all Its Forms”


David Humphries and Peter Schoenecker will be exhibiting a collection of Digital Art prints at Pocklington Art Centre from 9th December 2008 to 25th January 2009.

Digital art, photographs, photomontage, fractal images, screen impressions and woodcut impressions will all be on display. They can all be collated under one heading but each offers a unique artistic interpretation of the subject. This exhibition will demonstrate the new possibilities that are possible with modern technology.

 Artists have always looked for inspiration in creating new images.

 The camera obscura led the way, followed by the plate, film, movie and now the digital camera. The images allowed us to see the world in a new way. 

They provided a different perspective and gave an insight into movement.  The images were enlarged, modified and edited. 

 Today images are digital and the computer has replaced the darkroom. 

Post processing by editing software can correct problems such wrong exposure, unwanted objects or even replace missing objects. 

Digital images can be an art form in their own right and this exhibition will be highlighting examples of all its forms.

Digital photographs in black and white. 

Photomontages of digital images dramatising the effects of global warming.

Digital paintings created on a computer with electronic stylised brushes. 

Fractal art from computer generated solutions to mathematical equations.

 Screen impressions showing a simpler and different approach to screen printing.

Woodcut impressions created using scanned images.

 The use of a computer and special software is a necessary part of the creation of all these images but the interpretation of the artist in the design and composition is still essential.

 Digital Art helps us to see the world in a different way.




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