News Release

August 2006


Waves and Waterfalls

The power of fresh water tumbling over the rocks at “Stockgyll Force” and “Aira Force” in the Lake District is captured in dramatic style in a new series of impressionistic paintings by the Yorkshire artist, David Humphries.

 The sea is also featured with a series of stunning wave paintings creating an atmospheric experience as the tops, as in “Break Out”, and are whipped away by the wind almost drenching the viewer in spray.

 The paintings are being shown at The Blake Gallery in York from the 16th -26th September and are part of an exhibition with the emphasis on textural impressionism. 

The paintings are all in mixed media and were created by the use of fast knife work, watercolour, acrylic ink, gesso and gouache to capture with conviction the dramatic power of water.


The Blake Gallery  is located on Blake Street, York YO1 8QH
Tel: 01904 733730. 

Further information on the David Humphries  contact or refer to Artist Notes